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201 By Lic
Witnessed by Eli Smith and Mary Elstone. 
Family F352
204 Came to Australia with parents on "British Empire" 1855. In 1870
farmed with
brother, Robert, 168 acres owned by J.Ford, paying 1 pound, 15
shillings in
rates. 1871-74 paid rates of 10 shillings on house and garden owned
Bickers. (Connewarre Road Board Records). Appointed rabbit inspector
South Barwon Shire (G.A. 6 Apr 1889). Land held in 1923 was 20 acres
at Mount
Duneed, part of Crown Allotment E Section 16, Parish of Conewarre, Co.
Title Vol. 3165 Fol. 632917, with small weatherboard house, value 400
ELLIS, Thomas (I1719)
205 Came to Geelong aged 6 years, with parents on "British Empire" 1855.
Lived at
58 Nelson Road, South Melbourne for many years, land 33' x 116' with
brick house and small brick shop valued at 700 pounds in 1934 (City of
Melbourne, County of Bourke). 
ELLIS, Wilhelmina (I1986)
206 Came to Geelong, aged 12, with parents on "British Empire" 1855.
land from his father, but this was reduced to 4.5 acres by 1937. He
was a
cattle dealer and his sons drafted cattle to Melbourne to sell. When
market fell, some land was sold. Had been herdsman at Connewarre
Common but
resigned 1884 ('Geelong Advertiser' 8 March). Robert refused to have
water supply connected even when it passed his property. 
ELLIS, Robert (I1502)
207 Came to Victoria circa 1867. Lived at 58 Nelson Road, South Melbourne
ERICKSON, Carl (I1987)
208 Came to Victoria with parents on "British Empire" 1855. Was contractor
road maintenace with Shire of South Barwon. Said to have been blinded
in a
quarry accident. 
ELLIS, Frederick (I1898)
209 Celebrated Golden Wedding anniversary - see 'Geelong Advertiser' 12
1920. An anniversary gift was a china teapot, jug and basin. Ellen
was the
second daughter in her family. Thomas built the timber cottage in
Ellis Road
with a stone wall around it - gathered from the land. Ellen would
preferred an orchard to have been planted first but in the 1944
their house was one of the few to survive. Her sisters, Jane and
Rebecca both
married John Theodore Brown and lived in W.A. (Nola Atkinson,
Geraldton 1992). 
BICKERS, Ellen (I1720)
210 Census 1891 West, William Arthur (I508)
211 Certificate is within the Howes One-Name Study (www.howesfamilies.com) Howes, Samuel Bolingbroke (I92)
212 Changed name to WORSHIP by Deed Poll in 1956 maiden name of
Worship, Marjorie (I1327)
213 Charles and Sara Jane Anne had 9 children, of whom only 5 lived to
adulthood. Sister Margaret died aged 21 in childbirth.

Son John born 1792 the only one to marry and produce offspring 
Family F1199
214 Charles Kerry Manuscripts Vol 10 Page 259 Bridges Bellasis, Captain George (I714)
215 Chas Kerry Manuscripts Vol 10 Page 259 Bridges Bellasis, Captain George (I714)
216 Commonwealth War Graves Memorial BASRA Iraq
Captain of the 22nd Punjabis 
Bowring, Captain Francis Stephen (I2233)
217 Conservative, voted against disestablishment of Irish Church 1869 and
not in favour of disturbing the reform question. 
Eastwick, Edward Backhouse (I819)
218 Contact with the Bank of England archives - salary ledger Blaiklock (Blacklock), David (I3971)
219 Cooper is the occupation given in brother, Abraham's will 1786.
Also according to the will living at the Barbican. Also could be working in Woolwich - need to verify (Dec 2017) 
Butcher, John (I247)
220 Copy held Goucher, John (I449)
221 copy held! Goucher, John (I449)
222 Copy of certificate held Family F1240
223 Copy of death certificate in with Charles Jelley military record during WW1. Jelley, Olive Kathleen (I3995)
224 Cranley (now Cranleigh) baptisme records states of Richard and Sarah
of Parkhatch in Hascombe 
Butcher, John Hunt (I70)
225 Daniel is signing Quarter session papers, commital papers for Mary
West Shere Bastardy papers 
Butcher, Daniel (I44)
226 Daniel records as being of Broadwater. Witnesses were:
Solomon Sandell & Ann Champion 
Family F113
227 Date based upon 1901 Census Jelley, Stephen (I3819)
228 Date of Will: 19 March 1780

To my wife Joan my freehold messuage at Dunsfold and other real estate in her
widowhood and then paying fifteen pounds to my son in law Richard Gill of Dunsfold
and the rest to my daughters Mary wife of Richard Standage, Jane wife of James
Stedman and Betty wife of Richard Gill and my son William except one shilling to
my grandson John Booker son of John deceased; residue to my wife in her
widowhood; Richard Butcher of Hascombe, gentleman and Henry Mitchell of
Dunsfold, yeoman, Executors

Witnesses: William Child; Edmund Baxter, jnr.; John Eades

Proved: 5 January 1789
DW/PA/7/31 ff205-6; DW/PA/5/1789/2
(Died this year; under one hundred pounds) 
Butcher, Richard (I63)
229 Date provided on WWI enlistment documents Thorneycroft, Walter William (I3601)
230 Daughter of an Anglican Vicar of St Ives Cornwall.
Reported in the Gentlemans Mag 6th November 1791 
Lane, Sarah Jane Ann (I3705)
231 Daughter of Mr Richard Butcher of Parkhatch. Widow of Mr John SKEET of
Also listed as SKEATE. 
Butcher, Mary (I64)
232 DBY Hasland St Paul

George Arthur BRADLEY 23 bachelor Seaman 263 Chatsworth Road Brampton
Selina GOUCHER 23 spinster 4 Devonshire Avenue

George BRADLEY (dcd) -
Levi GOUCHER Engine Driver

Family F1129
233 death 4th Quarter Pantlin, Robert (I3274)
234 Death and Burial details from Charles Kerry Manuscripts Ellis, George (I670)
235 Death Cert from Bill Spinks Bridger, Richard William (I609)
236 death in2nd Quarter Pantlin, Jesse (I3275)
237 Death registered by Henry Butcher (X) who was in attendance.
GRO -1863 March Q, 4a, 226 
Butcher, John (I68)
238 Death registered by W Goodchild, son in law who was present at the time of death. The Pit, Islesham Butcher, Jonathan (I130)
239 DEATHS - FREEMAN, On the 2nd inst, at the residence of her brother, Mr Edgar Butcher, Stonham,very sudden, to the great grief of all her friends, Caroline, dearly beloved wife of Mr Edward Freeman, ofthe Valley Farm, Debenham, and youngest sister of Mr Edgar Butcher, farmer, Stonham, and FredkButcher, 61, Carr Street, Ipswich.

East Anglian Daily Times for 3 December 1875 
Butcher, Caroline (I211)
240 Dec Q 1882 6d 872 Family F108
241 Dec Q 1930 - Guildford 2a 312 Family F439
242 Deceased at the time of daughter's marriage. Former occupation General Dealer Butcher, William (I288)
243 Deduced from entry in Hambledon Poor Law Union Minute book Butcher, Alice (I49)
244 Departement du Pas-de-Calais
Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France
Plot: V. D. 19. 
Butcher, David (I133)
245 Deposited by the 2nd Lady Bowring. Now in the National Portait
Gallery, London. 
Bowring, Sir John (I3703)
246 Described as the third son of Harry J Butcher of Edgewood Durban & beloved husband of Yvonne. Butcher, Cyril Ross (I95)
247 Desert rat! Matthews, Charles Alfred (I290)
248 Details from 1901 Census
Residence - Aldershot Military Stanhope & Wellington 
West, William James (I509)
249 Details from death certificate. Butcher, George (I308)
250 Details from Linda McCracken Remmer, Derick (I1401)

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