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801 Wilma Lewis' Line Butcher, William (I35)
802 With wife and daughter Butcher, Ronald Ross (I83)
803 Witnessed by David Edes (X) and Mary Jelly (X)
By Banns 
Family F1251
804 Witnessed by Edgar and Emma Butcher, siblings of the bride.
Both of full age and single.
Joseph (farmer) was the son of William a farmer 
Family F98
805 Witnessed by Francis Budd and Ann Woods Family F244
806 Witnessed by John Harris and Jane Earle Family F190
807 witnessed by John Wakefield and Mary Budd Family F243
808 witnessed by Thomas Stovold and Sarah Stovold Family F242
809 Witnessed by:
William John Thomas Amos
Wilhelmina Mable (sic) Butcher 
Family F40
810 Witnessed marriag and his daughter Elizabeth Baptised in Bramley 1761 Butcher, Daniel (I44)
811 Witnesses to Marriage:

Margaret Butcher
Ann Chapman Watt 
Family F7
812 Witnesses were Sarah Davis & Edward Collier.
Groom of Broadwater 
Family F114
813 Witnesses:

Harry J Butcher
Cecil Ibbetson Porter

Married with a nuptial contract. 
Family F52
814 Witnesses:
Bertha Piggott
James Thompson 
Family F11
815 Witnesses:
George Henson & Mary Salisbury.
Groom of Broadwater Sussex. 
Family F112
816 Witnesses:
Robert Butcher & Edward Buckingham.
Married after Banns 
Family F86
817 Woodyers farm Butcher, George (I992)
818 Worked as manager of Gnangara Wine Company in WA and then as head
gardener at Government House in WA 
Goucher, William Oswald (I3186)
819 Worked for Franks Coal Merchant Matthews, William John (I286)
820 Worked with Leslie Ellis at International Harvester Co. Served with
Army in
Japan in World War 2. Related to "Carji" Greaves, Geelong footballer
won the first Brownlow Medal in 1924. Andy told the story of the
Ellises who
were keen on fishing and plundered shipwrecks and thought they had
a cargo of brandy. It proved to be ink in brandy bottles! Andy had
been a
member of the Corio Club and its Bowling Club, and Manager of
Illawarra Blind
Bowling Club. Lived at Herne Hill in 1990. 
ELLIS, Andrew George (I1773)
821 workerd for Franks Coal merchants Matthews, James Henry (I284)
822 Works well in conjuction with Honourable Company Source (S283)
823 Wounded 27th November 1939, Lacaration wound and Concussion. At
Burrogurdy Naval Hospital, 4 miles from Bristol. Meet Queen Mary in
1940 and this was reported in Daily Mirror 1st Nov 1939. 
Goucher, Ernest (I428)
824 Wrote the series of 4 books called the History and Antiquities of
Hutchins, John (I3438)
825 Year of Birth established from age at year of Death. Butcher, Thomas (I235)
826 Year of birth from obituary Butcher, Mervyn Peter (I240)

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