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 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F79
 Butcher, Elizabeth Bolingbroke   Butcher One-Name Study 
2 F86
Bailey, George Butcher, Marianne 25 Nov 1834 Mendham, Suffolk  Butcher One-Name Study 
3 F57
Barnes, James Butcher, Alice Mary 29 Jun 1901 Bentley, Hampshire  Butcher One-Name Study 
4 F58
Barnes, Job    Butcher One-Name Study 
5 F100
Bianchi, Gattaeno Butcher, Maria 22 Nov 1803 St Clements, Ipswich, Suffolk  Butcher One-Name Study 
6 F81
Bridges, Henry George    Butcher One-Name Study 
7 F80
Bridges, William George Butcher, Ada Elsie 4 Jun 1921 St Lukes, Paddington, London  Butcher One-Name Study 
8 F132
Butcher Martha   Butcher One-Name Study 
9 F108
Butcher, Abraham Cross, Anne 1717 St Alfege, Woolwich  Butcher One-Name Study 
10 F123
Butcher, Alan George Joan   Butcher One-Name Study 
11 F51
Butcher, Alan Ross Loftus, L.P.   Butcher One-Name Study 
12 F128
Butcher, Alexander George Diplock, Ada Kathleen 21 Jul 1917 St Paul, Finsbury, Islington, London  Butcher One-Name Study 
13 F127
Butcher, Alfred Howes, Charlotte   Butcher One-Name Study 
14 F17
Butcher, Arthur George    Butcher One-Name Study 
15 F12
Butcher, Arthur Peter Walker, Amy 12 Sep 1928 Chelsea Registry Office, London  Butcher One-Name Study 
16 F119
Butcher, Arthur Richard Dear, Lily Maud May 4 Apr 1897 South Petherton, Somerset, England, United Kingdom  Butcher One-Name Study 
17 F59
Butcher, Charles    Butcher One-Name Study 
18 F50
Butcher, Cyril Ross Barry, K.Y.   Butcher One-Name Study 
19 F113
Butcher, Daniel Champion, Ann Goldes 9 Sep 1815 St Mary's Broadwater, Worthing, Sussex  Butcher One-Name Study 
20 F22
Butcher, David Flora, Sallie   Butcher One-Name Study 
21 F9
Butcher, David Bushell, Jane   Butcher One-Name Study 
22 F10
Butcher, David Snelling, Martha 16 Oct 1872 Caterham, Surrey, England  Butcher One-Name Study 
23 F97
Butcher, Edgar Dorking, Maria Dec Q 1852 Suffolk  Butcher One-Name Study 
24 F136
Butcher, Ernest Leonard Howson, Hilda Henrietta 22 Apr 1911 Boxgrove, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom  Butcher One-Name Study 
25 F99
Butcher, Frederic Smith, Ann Julia 25 Apr 1859 Congregational Chapel, Debenham, Suffolk  Butcher One-Name Study 
26 F1
Butcher, George Lucy   Butcher One-Name Study 
27 F129
Butcher, George Lissenden Standen, Rosa Mary 23 Jun 1906 Registry Office Blean  Butcher One-Name Study 
28 F62
Butcher, George Pallant    Butcher One-Name Study 
29 F104
Butcher, Giles Newton, Sarah 6 Nov 1754 Layham, Suffolk  Butcher One-Name Study 
30 F96
Butcher, Giles Harvey, Susannah 17 Apr 1780 St Mary Magdalene, Debenham,Suffolk  Butcher One-Name Study 
31 F18
Butcher, Harold E Wise, Elizabeth   Butcher One-Name Study 
32 F117
Butcher, Harry    Butcher One-Name Study 
33 F43
Butcher, Harry James Ross, Ethel Milne Munro Mar Q 1900 Lewisham  Butcher One-Name Study 
34 F53
Butcher, Harry Ross Whysall, Gladys Pearson 25 Oct 1927 St Thomas' Church, Durban, Natal, South Africa  Butcher One-Name Study 
35 F37
Butcher, Henry Mark Mayes, Marion Ellen   Butcher One-Name Study 
36 F68
Butcher, Henry William    Butcher One-Name Study 
37 F4
Butcher, Herbert Whillier, Florence Louise   Butcher One-Name Study 
38 F109
Butcher, Herbert Walter Odom, Edith Mary 1935  Butcher One-Name Study 
39 F28
Butcher, James Blomfield, Elizabeth   Butcher One-Name Study 
40 F65
Butcher, James    Butcher One-Name Study 
41 F89
Butcher, James Rackham, Rachel 2 Feb 1735 All Saints, Mendham, Suffolk  Butcher One-Name Study 
42 F91
Butcher, James Rackham, Elizabeth 18 Oct 1762 All Saints, Mendham, Suffolk  Butcher One-Name Study 
43 F105
Butcher, James Buxton, Mary 9 Feb 1814 St Mary Magdalene, Debenham,Suffolk  Butcher One-Name Study 
44 F130
Butcher, James Henry William    Butcher One-Name Study 
45 F138
Butcher, Job Mary   Butcher One-Name Study 
46 F69
Butcher, Job    Butcher One-Name Study 
47 F116
Butcher, John Scafe, Mary   Butcher One-Name Study 
48 F31
Butcher, John    Butcher One-Name Study 
49 F48
Butcher, John    Butcher One-Name Study 
50 F75
Butcher, John Seaber, Harriett   Butcher One-Name Study 

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